Guarding the Respective Interests of Predators & Humans

We are dedicated to protecting wildlife and people in the woods of Washington state and beyond. Ride with us on an Active Conservation Tour and be part of the solution, book an educational speaker on our methods on facilitating balance, or schedule a consultation to discuss your wildlife conflict mitigation needs.

What We Do

Active Conservation Tour in Washington state with woman riding horseback
Active Conservation Tours

Join us on the frontlines of wildlife conservation on our Active Conservation Tours (ACT Rides) and get up close and personal with the wildlife and the people that we serve to protect in the woods of Washington.

Wolf in the woods, wildlife conservation
Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Discover how our non-lethal methods can help break the perpetual cycle that brings an early end to wild animals’ lives and interferes with your lifestyle. Our team can help you co-thrive with the wildlife around you. Consultations offered globally.

Daniel Curry, range rider, speaking in Colorado
Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker for your classroom, workplace, or your next leadership retreat? Our founder, Daniel Curry, has over 20 years of experience teaching & working directly with wolves and the landscape.

Fostering Connection & Building Bridges

 Our mission is to help foster connection with the natural world around us, educate the public on how to live alongside wildlife while maintaining your respective lifestyles, and share our various tools to help us all to “co-thrive.” 

The namesake for our organization and Project GRIPH (our non-profit arm) comes from Griph, the snowy white horse Daniel rescued from slaughter. The pair has been range riding together out in the fields since 2012, as friends and partners.

Join us on an ACT Ride, and you may have the chance to meet Griph out in the field, and ride with his brothers and sisters!

“I knew that riding on the back of  a horse was not my right, but yet a privilege, to be gifted from horse to human.”

-Daniel Curry, Founder of GRIPH

Watch Range Rider 

GRIPH is coming to your screen! Catch the trailer for Range Rider, an award-winning documentary by Wild Confluence Media exploring the work of Daniel Curry with the wolves, ranchers, and wildlife of Washington state. You can watch & learn more about GRIPH’s work in Press.

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Tales from the Pack


“Being a range rider for a day was such a great experience! Daniel’s passion for the subject is evident and spending the day with him was such a treat.

I learned so much and got to bond with a very special horse while riding across beautiful terrain. Despite not having ridden a horse in a couple decades, Daniel helped me feel comfortable with Raven right away. I highly recommend this trip!”  



“This trip was a unique experience because I was directly involved in GRIPH’s mission of bridging the gap between animals and humans – in this case, bridging the gap between the city and the country.

Meeting with the rancher was probably the most meaningful moment of the trip for me. I’ve lived in the cities my whole life and have been disconnected from the ways people lived in rural areas.

Instead of just making a donation, being on the grounds as part of the solution is the experience I will not soon forget.” 


“My day in the field was magical. Daniel showed me different tracking techniques that he uses and told me stories of his encounters with wolves, cougars, and bears. He answered so many of my questions with clarity, and there were probably too many.

Additionally, I got to meet Griph the horse, the rest of Daniel’s horse crew, and his three dogs. They all work hard to keep this mission alive. Thank you, Daniel for being the best host and field guide and going above and beyond to make this experience unforgettable!”

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