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Active conservation tours | WASHINGTON, USA

Active Conservation Tours (ACT Rides)

Become a range rider for the day and be a part of the solution to help humans + animals co-thrive together! 

Out in wolf country, you will hear, track, and see wild animals, as well as connect with ranchers and learn about their work and lifestyle. The forests of Washington state where we live, work, and play, also provide an incredible opportunity to capture images of wildlife in their natural landscape. Wolf, cougar, bear, coyotes, deer, eagles, and many other wildlife sightings are possible.

By joining us on an ACT Ride, you are keeping the mission of the GRIPH enterprise alive. The cost of your tour helps to pay the wages of our range rider team at Project GRIPH in this unique self-funding model, and you will learn about the non-lethal methods that our team uses out in the field to mitigate wildlife conflict. 

We adjust ACT Ride offerings based on your skill level and needs. After you reserve your spot, we will work with you to develop a tour that suits your interests.

Click the button below to schedule your ACT Ride! If you have any questions or would like to book group tours, please email us at actbooking@griphs.com.

What You’ll Learn

  • Horseback riding skills and how to safely navigate backcountry
  • How we apply our non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation techniques 

  • Wolf & livestock behavior

  • Widlife tracking & identification methods
  • The lifestyles and work of modern ranchers and their families 
  • The social complexities of wolves returning to areas they were extricated from
  • Nature photography tips

The Impact of Your ACT Ride

  • You are helping build a bridge with connection, compassion, communication, between rural and urban America

  • You are helping create a positive reason for rural America to have wolves on the landscape

  • You are creating a revenue stream to pay for the wages of range riders, and thus, allowing on the ground non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation efforts to continue 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if you have any questions you don’t see below. 

Disclaimer: We cannot gurantee sightings of specific animals while on our tours. While we will be deep in wolf country and our guides are trained to track wildlife including large carnivores, seeing and hearing a wolf cannot be predicted.

What makes ACT Rides different than a traditional horseback riding trip or wilderness tour?

You are helping create a self-sustaining funding platform for our work to continue. This is atypical for how current non-profit models exist – the cost of your ACT Ride funnels directly back to the work of our non-profit, Project GRIPH, which trains and deploys range riders on the landscape. We are disrupting the model so that you can be directly involved in our cause and help change the way we manage large carnivores in America.

One of the non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods our range riders utilize is patrolling the land. By adding your human presence to the wilderness as a range rider for the day, you are helping prevent conflict between wildlife and humans.

Do I need to be able to ride a horse?

No, we happily guide both beginner and advanced riders on our tours. We will work together with your comfort level. Not interested in horseback riding? We have other options for you (ATVs, tours on foot, and more).

Where is this located and what is the nearest airport?

We ride through the wilderness of eastern Washington state in the Colville National Forest and surrounding areas.

Spokane International Airport (GEG) is the closest airport. Our location is approximately a two-hour drive from the aiport.  

Shuttles and discount car rentals may be available depending on booking availability.

Will I see wolves?

We cannot gurantee wildlife sightings on our tours. Wolf, cougar, and bear sightings are possible. 

Do you offer group rides?

Yes! Please reach out with any questions regarding our group rates.


We offer half-day, full day, and overnight experiences for solo adventurers and groups. Please sign up below, or reach out for special group rates.


Enjoy a guided experience through the trails and wild woods of Washington. 

  • 1 Camp side culinary experience included


Full Day

Become a range rider for a day and experience the beauty and adventure up close.

  • 2 Camp side culinary experiences included



Gather round a campfire after your day exploring the wild and enjoy a serene night under the stars.

  • 3 Camp side culinary experiences included
  • Glamping lodging


"Being a range rider for a day was such a great experience! Daniel's passion for the subject is evident and spending the day with him was such a treat. I learned so much and got to bond with a very special horse while riding across beautiful terrain. Despite not having ridden a horse in a couple decades, Daniel helped me feel comfortable with Raven right away. I highly recommend this trip!"


"Daniel introduced me to a rancher and we had a beautiful conversation. It was gratifying to witness this man’s open mind and eagerness to not only coexist, but thrive with wolves. Meeting with the rancher was probably the most meaningful moment of the trip for me."


"Hearing a wolf howl was a magical experience I will never forget. I feel a part of your mission by being out in the wild, learning and practicing the same non-lethal techniques the range riders at Project GRIPH use every day. I can't recommend this experience enough!"


Let’s ride!

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