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At GRIPH (Guarding the Interests of Predators & Humans), we are driven to bring balance with the people living in rural areas and their wildlife neighbors with our non-lethal conflict mitigation techniques.  We acknowledge that it is important for people to be able to enjoy their culture, function freely, and live how they choose, while also honoring the interests of the animals and environment.

After 20 years of working with wolves in the wild and in sanctuaries around the country, GRIPH founder Daniel Curry learned how to apply his knowledge of non-lethal methods to help ranchers protect their livestock from wolves and other predators.

Experience the magic of the wild on our Active Conservation Tours (ACT Rides) through the forests of Washington state. Learn wildlife tracking methods, photography skills, horseback riding, and become the bridge between wildlife + humans. One of the tools our range riders utilize is patrolling the land — by adding your human presence to the wilderness as a range rider for the day, you are helping prevent conflict between wildlife and humans. 

GRIPH offers consultations on our methods to individuals, communities, and organizations around the world. Check out our wildlife conflict mitigation service offerings, and contact us today for how we can address your needs.

You can watch & listen here to learn more about Daniel’s work in the wilds of Washington, or book a speaking engagement with Daniel for an illuminating conversation rooted in compassion and connection at your school or organization.

Brothers Raven and Griph (our namesake) are ready to ride!

Our Services

Active Conservation Tours

The woods of Washington state are calling! Be the bridge between animals + humans and head into the wild with our GRIPH guides on half-day, full day, or overnight ACT Rides.

Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Develop a Conflict Mitigation Plan that best suits your needs. We offer consultations on our methods to individuals, communities, and organizations around the globe.

Speaking Engagements

Bring our founder, Daniel Curry, out to your school, workplace, or retreat for an engaging conversation led with compassion for wildlife and our communities.

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Project GRIPH

Our non-profit, Project GRIPH, needs you.

Be a part of our mission to guard the interests of wildlife and our rural communities with your tax-deductible donation, or by training to become a range rider with us!

Are you located in the western United States and need help with wildlife conflict mitigation? While GRIPH operates globally, Project GRIPH provides non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation services for individuals and communities exclusively in the western United States.

Learn more about Daniel Curry, range rider and founder of GRIPH + Project GRIPH, and his philosophy on how to co-thrive with the wildlife around us.

After working with wolves in sanctuaries for a decade, he spent the following ten years working in the forests of Washington state using non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods to guard both animals & human interests.

Check out the film Range Rider, an award-winning documentary featuring his work, catch podcast episodes on Daniel’s methods, and follow along on the adventure: @thewolfranger on all platforms.

“It will take the world to save the world.”

-Daniel Curry
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