Co-Thrive with Your Environment

Our belief at GRIPH is to utilize human presence accompanied with numerous aversive conditioning methods to teach animals to behave in ways that do not negatively impact your interests. 

We offer consultations globally around the world, both virtually and in-person. Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how our methods can help you co-thrive with your environment.

Our Toolbox

GRIPH assists individuals, communities, and organizations around the world with our non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods. With our team utilizing the GRIPH toolbox below, you can expect a positive outcome for both animals + humans.

Each species will have different characteristics, behaviors, and abilities. Even the individual animal will have specific behavior attributes that must be considered. Once these variables are defined, we can form a Conflict Mitigation Plan.

Are you located in the western United States? If so, please head to Project GRIPH, our non-profit, which trains and deploys range riders with our methods in this specific geographic region.

Human Presence | Regular Patrol

Our most popular and effective method is range riding — human presence and regular patrol across the land designed to mitigate wildlife conflict 

Environmental Deterrents

Wolf in the woods, wildlife conservation
Audible Deterrents

Strategically timed and placed audio devices deter wild animals, with their heightened sense of hearing, from entering and returning to certain territory with their pack & offspring

Lighting Tools

Lighting elements designed to deter wildlife with visual stimuli, teaching the animal and their pack & offspring to avoid areas with lighting disruptions


Colored flag placements that flap in the breeze, designed to discourage wild animals from approaching and enter particular areas 


Precise fencing to limit livestock and wildlife interaction and create a physical protective boundary


Scent placements to disarm wildlife so they believe the current location is inhabited by unknown foes, and thus, unsafe to enter


Proper carcass removal and disposal prevents wildlife attraction to your area by ridding of the scent that draws them in 

Physical Deterrents

Physical Pursuit of the Animal

We pursue animals on horseback, ATVs, and other modes of transport, creating territorial boundaries to prevent wildlife in particular zones

Capsaicin-Filled Paintballs

This non-lethal tool teaches the animal that the area is unsafe to remain or return to with their pack and offspring

Non-Lethal Rubber Projectiles

A non-lethal technique to teach predators to avoid protected areas, without taking the life of the animal

Strategic Use of Dogs

Our well-trained dogs are an unexpected element that disarms wildlife and adds a barrier between your livestock and predators


Wild animals have heightened senses – the bright lights & loud noises of pyrotechnics spark unease and prevent a return to the area

In Development

We are always expanding our toolbox – stay tuned for more of our methods, or get in touch if there is a tool you’d like to see represented 

Guard Your Interests

Let’s get started on developing a Conflict Mitigaiton Plan for your needs, so that we may all co-thrive in peace together.

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