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Looking for a speaker for your classroom, retreat, or organization? Daniel Curry, founder of GRIPH and Project GRIPH, offers a unique conversation rooted in compassion for wildlife and our communities. 

Meet Daniel Curry

Also known as The Wolf Ranger, Daniel built GRIPH, the first and only social enterprise in Washington state that focuses on human-wildlife conflict mitigation using non-lethal methodology. Under Daniel’s leadership, GRIPH has formed a non-profit arm, Project GRIPH, dedicated to training new range riders with his methods and teaching humans how we can “co-thrive” with wildlife and our environment. 

What to Expect When We Connect

An insightful & captivating speaker, Daniel will engage your audience with entertaining stories of his experiences out in the wild with wolves, cougars, and bears, tales of stewardship of the land, and a guided dialogue on how his non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods benefit rural communities.

We will work with you on the needs for your classroom, group, or community to facilitate an open-hearted approach to learning.

His topics include:

  • Co-thriving: the philosophy of living in a world where humans live in harmonious equilibrium with large carnivores

  • Non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation techniques

  • Wolves and wildlife behavior
  • The benefits that come to communities that utilize GRIPH’s conflict mitigation methods
  • The gift of compromise: how compromising with others doesn’t have to mean that you’re losing something
  • Facing adversity and how to grow your passion into an enterprise

Daniel’s Story

Navigating poverty and an unpredictable environment at a young age, Daniel found solace in befriending animals and spending time at home with his dogs, cat, and bird, while his mother worked housekeeping and construction jobs to keep their family afloat. As soon as Daniel could legally work, he started at a pet store running the reptilian, aquatic, and avian departments. He spent a few years as a veterinary technician before proceeding to work with wolves at a world-renowned captive wolf sanctuary.

Daniel spent his twenties learning from the wolves, while also developing methods that would be implemented by sanctuaries and zoos across the country. After spending a decade with the wolves in sanctuary, Daniel switched gears in his thirties. He and his horse Griph (our namesake) galloped into the fray that is wolf recovery, building bridges between people and animals out in the wild using the non-lethal wildlife conflict mitigation methods he developed.

“I was keeping wolves in the sanctuary alive and safe, but then I realized there were wolves who needed immediate protection – the wolves in the wild who are getting shot, poisoned, and trapped. I decided to move out to eastern Washington where the wolf packs were located to get started on my mission.”

Once Daniel moved into the middle of wolf country, he began to understand how the fate of wolves were intertwined with rural communities. In order for both the wolves and rural cultures to survive and thrive, there had to be solutions put in place that would benefit both human and animal interests.


Daniel Curry with wolf pups | Wolf Haven International

His work has been featured in the award-winning documentary, Range Rider, PBS and various publications around the globe. You can watch and learn more about Daniel and his work by checking out podcasts, interviews, and documentary films in Press.

For questions and media inquiries, please contact media@griphs.com.

“We must connect to protect.”

-Daniel Curry

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